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General Information

Lodging an insurance claim with Jim’s Insurance is simple. We aim to minimise any further stress to you, and assist you with the progression of your claim.

We will help you put together the information that the insurer is likely to require and we will pass it on to your insurer for you. If your insurer needs you to complete a claim form, we can forward this to you.

Collate the claim documentation as soon as possibly following the event, claim form, repair and / or replacement quotes, proof of ownership (original receipts), and police report. Having all documentation up front will speed along your claim.

Do let us know if you have any problem with a claim or if the insurers are delaying settlement.

Sometimes, in the case of serious damage, the insurers will appoint a Loss Adjustor to inspect the damage.


Public Liability Insurance.

Cover around your construction

Public liability comes under civil law with the harassment to the general public. Public liability insurance comes into play whenever any construction or related projectcause damage or harm the public in the surrounding.

Community in the surrounding

This is obviously comes with social responsibility of the developer to undertake work with minimum negative impacts to the community in the surrounding. The developer has a responsibility of public care, so public liability insurance plays vital role in every development activity.

Changes because of the work

Public liability insurance covers any legal fees, damage costs, health and safety costs of liable person or persons due to direct impact of related development activity.

Jim’s Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is one of the risk financing methods to protect the insurer on external involvement coming from surrounding activities to delay or obstruct the current development work.

Third party protection

Public liability insurance is a kind of third party protection scheme from any unforeseen damages or losses caused by the specified developer or development activity.

Intentional Damadge claim

This is a critical case where intentional damages caused by the surrounding activities or contractual liability claims are not covered under this. So in a way, public liability insurance policy provides protection to the insurer or developer on external forces affecting the intended project work. The insurance party has to defend the insurer in such cases and usually the legal costs or defense costs are covered by the public liability insurance policy.

Three main duties

Public liability insurance companies have three main duties to perform in terms of insurers:

• Represent client as an unbiased party

• Defending the insurer

• Settle into a reasonable claim

The mandatory requirements needed

In Australia, public liability insurance tends to be a mandatory requirement as the consideration of third party involvement to the development activity is marginal. Even some external parties can support the development activity by providing necessary services to smooth running of the works and also the damages such as noise, dust, mental stress can create considerable damage to the surrounding environments. Therefore to aid such people, public liability insurance plays a vital role in most cases.

Professional indemnity cover

Professional indemnity insurance is another form of public liability insurance where it protects the professionals from insulting or breaking of agreement and such litigation. In such situations, public liability insurance represents the insurer and negotiates for a reasonable settlement to continue the development work without any obstruction.

Any size of a business

Even this is applicable to small businesses as well as large firms. So before commencing any development work, the third party involvement and impacts should be carefully monitored and evaluated by the developer. Also he or she must carefully select the proper public liability insurance policy that allows the minimum negative impacts to the insurer. Otherwise, failure of any one or both cases mentioned above may lead to even bankruptcy of a company too. Also when there’s any third party complaint arises, it should be filed upon the company name or development name which has been obtained the insurance policy. Then insurance agent will represent the company on behalf of the developer.

Take a right decision.

Choosing a public liability insurance policy is an important decision for any business owner, as the penalties of having the wrong policy in the event of a big claim can be very serious. One should choose a public liability insurance policy which is going to meet all of his or her business needs, and one of the best ways to do this is to use the services of an insurance broker who can analyze the business needs and recommend a suitable policy.

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